The step-by-step framework for

becoming a captivating, compelling, and trustworthy speaker so that you can create a MOVEMENT with your message.

If the stage is where you want to be...THIS is where you get started. And we can get you there FAST!

In 12-weeks or less:





This is NOT for dabblers, it's for DO-ers .

The OVATION Speaker Training Experience is for those of you who are READY to go from ZERO to PRO as a Public Speaker, Expand Your Reach as a Thought Leader, and Sky-rocket your Credibility.

You have YEARS of professional (or entrepreneurial) experience and industry know-how and you are

eager to use those skills more effectively to teach others and be in MORE CONTROL of your career path!

✨You want to AMPLIFY YOUR MESSAGE and step on the RIGHT STAGES as you embrace your role as a thought leader and expert in your field.

✨You are ready to DEFINE AND DELIVER YOUR SIGNATURE SPEECH and tether that to the tools you teach others.

✨You want to STAND UP for something you are passionate about and STAND OUT as a polished, engaging leader and presenter.


"Yes, And"


By OVATION & Improv Team Culture

This 12-week Speaker Coaching will give you the tools you need to command

the room with your genius, connect with your audience more authentically, and

create your unique framework around your professional expertise.


With this interactive cohort experience, you will leave with:

  • A Platform of Your Choosing to Showcase Your Professional Experience to Encapsulate Your Brilliance

  • Clarity and Organization Around Your Unique Skills into a Framework for You to TEACH Others

  • Completed SIGNATURE SPEECH with a Captivating and Compelling Arc

  • Become an absolute WIZARD with Improv rules to transform the performance art into a performance style that sets you apart on stage.

Note: The "Yes, And" Speaker Accelerator Cohort Experience will position you to explore the option of participating in the OVATION Speaker Series premium coaching program and LIVE recorded event.


Hear from industry experts about the OVATION Speaker Series, LIVE Event to Record Speaker Assets. (A Premium Experience Upgrade available to "Yes, And" Speaker Accelerator participants!)


  • Transform your experience into a effective framework to teach others?

  • Use your stories and experience to make a positive impact?

  • Serve others and inspire change for the better?

  • Be recognized as an EXPERT in your industry?

  • Start collecting and creating content that COMMANDS authority?


✨Learn the framework to create your signature speech and how to present it virtually, in-person, and how to stretch or shrink it to fit the timeslots of your speaking gigs.

✨Everything you need to understand how to monetize your passion.

Find new speaking opportunities that put you in front of the RIGHT audience.

✨Be in control of YOUR unique platform to best serve your clients/audiences.


Learn the key elements that create an authentic, vulnerable, and relevant SIGNATURE MESSAGE that will have your audience rising in OVATION and HUNGRY FOR MORE.

WEEKLY LIVE COACHING: Feel supported throughout the entire process and feel clear in your signature message, your unique framework, and how to clearly articulate your expertise on all types of stages!

MASTERMIND COMMUNITY: Collaborate with other visionaries and get real-time coaching with practice opportunities and learning by watching others refine their messages.

"Yes, And" + MORE IMPROV INSIGHTS: Grow your confidence, comfort, and knowledge around one of the most powerful art forms, improv! Bring humor and connection in your presentation, while overcoming FEAR with the simple, effective tools to help you stay sharp on stage and in the FLOW of the moment.

You can DABBLE ALL YOU WANT for who knows how long, and practice through a trial and error process to *hopefully* uncover your delivery method bit by bit by bit.

OR, you can fast-track the process and unlock your CORE MESSAGE, and create unique framework around your AUTHENTIC PROFESSIONAL DELIVERABLE.

Doing what you LOVE; pouring into people and teaching from your own experience?

Sharing your unique methods and framework while speaking more confidently from the stage or in front of your dream clients?

Building that into a thriving business for yourself as a THOUGHT LEADER and CHANGE AGENT?


I'm here to say:



I've been speaking into microphones since I was a kiddo playing at the pulpit in the chapel at church.

I’m a improv specialist, award-winning author, and an award-winning comedian. Most importantly, I love to merge these skills of communication into an effective and safe space for sharing stories and effective business skills while creating a positive impact speaking from the stage.

I have learned, through LOTS of trial and error (and taking BIG risks) that sharing parts of my most transformational and pivotal live stories from a deeply vulnerable space, even at business conferences, became the catalyst for WHY my professional skills truly mattered. Sharing that "Heart Story" along with the HOW of my business tools is what literally brought my audiences to their feet in a STANDING OVATION.

As a single mother of 4 kids and 2 cats, and a Jeep enthusiast, it is paramount to maintain a speaking career to connect with my favorite clients while comfortably prioritizing my time in service to my children and my adventurous spirit.

Once I blended my very vulnerable heart story of placing a child for adoption after hiding an unplanned pregnancy in high school WITH the simple and effective tools derived from my favorite art form, IMPROV, everything changed for me as a professional speaker.

Everyone has a story that drives their passion and purpose.

Once you discover that side of yourself, you are free to be unapologetically you.

I teach people how to link their true stories with actionable tools to create meaningful connections with their audience and begin a ripple of goodness.

I look forward to taking this creative journey together.


YOUR 12-Week Virtual Speaker Group Coaching Experience

Begins NEXT Tuesday!


How do I know if this experience is right for me?

The YES AND SPEAKER ACCELERATOR is for you if you are ready to commit to yourself, your vision, and to creating your OWN timeline for success instead of waiting for "things to slow down."

This is for you if you are coachable, willing to put in the work, and truly recognize that speaking is the quickest way to build your authority in your area of expertise and real more people in a meaningful way. What is the time commitment?

What is the time commitment?

There is a minimum of 1 hour per week for the main weekly coaching call. Additional time for your personal work and guest speakers, plus pipeline-building sessions can vary. 

Plan on anywhere from 1-3 hours per week at minimum, and know that each speaker is different and when you start dialing in your speech and rehearsing, it may require MANY hours. 

Do you have any incentives if I refer a friend?

Yes! You will receive a $250 check in the mail for each friend you send our way.

What's on the agenda?

Megan's signature methods include the principles from improv comedy. You'll experience a mix of creativity-spurring exercises, performance methodology, and writing techniques as you unlock the elements of what makes your signature deliverable YOURS. It's a group dynamic with real-time feedback from Megan and your peers. 

YOU WILL LEAVE WITH the most powerful pieces to create your programming options with an understanding of how to define your audience and what you want to do for them. [Speak in front of groups? Teach companies as a consultant? 1:1 clients for coaching?] Each of these spaces have endless options, and you will leave this 12-week cohort with a commitment to yourself to USE the things you've assembled. 

PLUS - Megan invites in guest speakers to help you expand your journey, including how to write a book, how to build an effective speaker website, how to podcast, and other professional speakers to encourage you along the way.

How do I prepare for this?

I simply want you to take a bit of time to clear your mind of perceptions and expectations of what you THINK you need to do to be "ready." Show up. Open your mind. Be ready to work and create in real time. You will leave this event tired, and inspired. 

This sounds AWESOME - but I have another question!

Shoot us an email at

How many participants per cohort?

Each cohort is capped at 8 participants.

Need a Little More Inspo?

Listen to these members of the Founding Cohort of the OVATION Speaker Series LIVE event. The Speaker Series is a powerful step in creating a full-scale media kit for those passionate about obliterating their limits, and
is an upgrade option
for those who complete Strategic Speaker 2-day immersive experience.

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