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Public Speaking For Improv Insights is designed to PULL BACK THE CURTAIN for a BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK into SPEAKING AS A PROFESSIONAL! Go from ZERO to PRO with these tools, tips, and improv insights to help you better connect with your audience and show up on the stage like you have been doing it for YEARS.

Public Speaking with Improv Insights to help fast-track your experience and help you go from Zero to Pro as a professional speaker.

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Go from ZERO to PRO with this online speaker training course.

What's inside:

This online training class includes videos and downloadable companion guides woven throughout the series of short, easy-to-follow lessons, that can be taken at your pace. (Also mobile friendly!)

- Public Speaking - Defined

- How to Present Yourself- What to Know Before You Go - Tips for Prepping Your Topic Clarity and What to Expect for Each Unique Event

- Improv Insights as Applied to Public Speaking

- Advanced Skills and Tips to Make YOU a Master at Public Speaking

Speaking on stage virtually or in person can be really nerve-wracking. If you haven't had much opportunity to begin learning through experience, you can bypass a lot of uncomfortable mishaps by loading your skill set with tried and true tips and techniques right here. Find decades worth of insights as a speaker and award-winning author and comedian, Megan McCaleb, breaks things down into bite-sized lessons.


Hear from our satisfied clients who have gained confidence, clarity, and impact in their presentations.

If the stage is where YOU want to be, Public Speaking with Improv Insights is where you start!

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You can DABBLE ALL YOU WANT for who knows how long, and practice through a trial and error process to *hopefully* uncover your delivery method bit by bit by bit.

OR, you can fast-track the process and take your speaker experience from Zero to PRO in no time as you dive into the behind-the-scenes peek at the elements that will help you stand out as a seasoned presenter the very next time you take the stage.

Learn all the ins and outs of how to prepare yourself to stand out as an expert in your industry.

Understand how to treat speaking as a business strategy.

Discover which elements you need in order to launch into that next stage more quickly!

Know your WORTH - and learn how to price yourself appropriately for paid gigs, and how to maximize the ROI for gigs you choose to speak at for "free."



Hear firsthand from those who have experienced the transformative power of PUBLIC SPEAKING WITH IMPROV INSIGHTS!

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"Yes, And Speaker Accelerator" and upgraded to take their talk all the way to the stage to create professional media kits!

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